I am still watching the State of the Union address…. I saved it and have to watch it in parts. Not because there is so much valuable information but because I get so disgusted I can’t do it in one sitting. Smarmy is the only word I can use to describe it. The cheerleading, half-truths, distortion of the facts and blatant lies are more than I can take. So here is a response to part 1.

What was the most offensive? Where do I start?!?!?! I would have to say the economy. He blamed George Bush again (I admit, Bush didn’t do us any favors with the deficit). Then he did some math to show that only $1T of the deficit is his??? I am not sure where he gets those numbers, even taking out prior debt and the TARP money he is off the mark. But why does he get to “pretend” the rest of the debt isn’t his responsibility since it “wasn’t his fault”. I guess that’s how he can justify trying to ram healthcare down our throats at a cost of several trillion dollars? Because only $1T of the deficit is his? Wake up Mr. Obama, the WHOLE deficit is your responsibility. You knew about it before you ran for office, you have made it worse and it is your problem and responsibility to address.

He said when he talked to the American people he found that most of all they want to give their children a better life. Then he proceeded to talk about pushing healthcare through and passing the energy bill/cap & trade. How does increasing everyone’s energy costs 100-200% or more and adding trillions to the deficit help our children? He stated when he was running for office that under cap & trade the cost of electricity would “necessarily skyrocket”. He volunteered us to PAY RETRIBUTION to other countries for our past greenhouse gas emission in Copenhagen. (too far off track to talk about global warming – another blog at a later date). And although he said “jobs is my #1 focus for 2010”, he still pushed healthcare. The private health insurance companies made 1% profit in 2008. Yet somehow Obama is going to take it over, cut prices in half, add $1M people for coverage, broaden coverages provided and make money at it to keep it deficit neutral. RIGHT! The government has NEVER run anything more efficiently than a for-profit private company and he is refusing to address two critical issues driving healthcare up; prescription drug costs and medical litigation. Could that be because some of the special interest groups with whom he curries favor are personal injury attorneys and drug companies? But I digress. That is a long topic for another day. If helping the American people give their children a better life is what he is about, how about not saddling us with so much debt that we, our children and their children will not be able to pay it off.

Jobs as #1 focus for 2010. This is a good focus as part of the economic recovery. He said he wants a jobs bill on his desk. I hope it is better than the stimulus granting of jobs. I believe he claimed $2M jobs have been created by the stimulus last night. This is the most contested number. With errors they have found were someone added 45 hours of work and 45 jobs were reported created and other HUGE anomalies in reporting. Even CNN, a very liberal pro-Obama news station has a special section on stimulus reporting daily that investigates where some of the stimulus money is spent in grants and crazy programs that aren’t doing anything to stimulate the economy or add a significant number of jobs. But lets still hold out hope on this one!

Obama had a plan to cut the cost of college. Strengthen the community colleges and make everyone’s college debt disappear in 20 years, 10 years if they do public service. Hmmmm. It sounds good. We still have to pay for it somewhere. This is a better place to spend money than cap & trade in my opinion but I haven’t thought it through to see how it plays out and I have a few questions about the public service. I have long thought it was a good idea for kids to have to do volunteer work to graduate from high school to learn some personal responsibilities. I have long thought that people on welfare should have to do some volunteer service, free or inexpensive childcare service for others on welfare so they can go to work, volunteer in government entry level jobs at least a few hours a week – good training opportunity, reduce cost of government, etc. But Obama’s idea of public service may be different. Is his idea the community action groups, which just appear to be a front for radical infiltration and attempts to normalize revolutionary ideas? Is it “public service” as in working for the government? Can that many people have government jobs? That does appear to be the “corporation” that is growing the most in this country. The way it works in a democratic republic under our constitution as it is written, the government is in service to the private sector so the private sector pays taxes to run the government. The people/private sector is largely responsible for themselves and the government is small. The larger the government gets the less people there are to fund it so everyone has to pay a lot more. When the government gets so large what percentage of the private sector’s money would be needed to pay for the government? For every $50k a year job created with the government, they pay approx $12k in taxes so the net of $38k is an additional burden on the public. Every government job created means higher taxes. How many more government jobs can we afford? The government is not supposed to be in the business generating revenue intrinsically. It is a service the people pay for with taxes. The people/private sector generates the revenue in this country. Is changing that part of the plan in Obama’s radical transformation of our nation. The government will start to take over private industries to run a profit? Isn’t that socialism? The government owns and runs everything and we all work, live and breathe the government? Hmmmm, government runs GM, government run healthcare. I read somewhere that the British government run healthcare system is the largest employer in Britain. Big government, little private sector on the road to socialism? But I digress again.

Budget freezes, TARP/Stimulus money recovery and tax cuts. Sounds great if it weren’t a crock. Tax cuts first. Does anyone remember these? I remember having a change in taxes that resulted in a few extra dollars in my regular paycheck but would result in an increase in my taxes when I file at the end of the year. It wasn’t a tax savings, just a deferment in the payment or less of the government taking your money up front and returning it later. I do remember tax credits for home improvements as part of the stimulus and tax credits for first time home buyers. TARP recovery money. “we have recovered most of the money spent on banks”… but what about the money was spent on other companies like GM?? Don’t spin it to sound like we are almost whole again. We are far from whole. AND Obama is planning to use that money for other things. Not to pay down the deficit or return it to the people. That money is not found money to spend on other programs. The taxpayers did not pay a special tax to raise that money so it should be returned directly there. It was added to the deficit and should be returned to the deficit. The Fed moved money around on the balance sheet (auditing the Fed, a private corporation that made more money last year than evil oil companies, is again another topic for another day). Budget freezes. Sounds great on the surface. Except the departments he is planning to freeze had more than a 10% increase in 2009. I don’t suppose they should need another increase this year. Furthermore, the small percentage of the budget he is freezing will amount to less than 1% savings. Going in the hole trillions of dollars this year with an offset of a few billion – over 10 years – is hardly being fiscally responsible and addressing the deficit issue. But is sounded good for the sound bytes didn’t it?

Something else he said that sounded great, but I am not sure how to accomplish it is “double exports in 5 years”. We have become a consumption economy. It is too expensive to make things here with union labor costs, and fewer restrictions on pollutants, etc (again, another topic – Obama in bed with the unions). Other countries make things more cheaply than we can due simply to cost of living and cost of labor/materials. Is he proposing worldwide patents so others can’t make the same things? Will that make the cost of goods in the US skyrocket too? Is he talking about increasing our technology to the point we use robotics to manufacture products making our labor costs as cheap as foreign countries making us more competitive? What is the cost of robotic technology and equipment and what is the loss of jobs from this? Is he talking about new product development? And if so what and where and how do we protect it from copycats with cheaper labor and materials? Or is this part of the Andy Stern “workers of the world unite” slogan. Is he trying to make it so everyone in the world will make the same money so all goods will costs the same? Will the other economies and the world really support that? Or since, he and others in his administration seem to be big fans of Mao and other revolutionary dictators, maybe we should do what other revolutionary dictators did and let millions of people starve to death while exporting all of the grain to save the money to fund their other objectives. Doubling exports in 5 years sounds great and is something that really needs to be done. Our import to export ratio is abominable. We as a nation have to invent, build, create something to generate new wealth income to the US. I want to know more about how he plans to accomplish this?

Well, I have rambled more than enough so I will close with two statements about which I don’t even know what to say:

“I have never been more hopeful about America’s future as I am tonight”


“America deserves a government that matches their decency and embodies their strength”

With an increasing $12 trillion deficit, China – the only country left buying our debt tells us to stop spending and we don’t, more terror attacks on US soil in 2009 than in the prior 8 years since 9-11, the US appearing softer than ever on terrorists, and our president not addressing the issues at hand – do you feel more hopeful about America’s future? More hopeful about the “fundamental transformation”? Do you think that the government matches the public’s decency and embodies their strength? A government that doesn’t listen to nor respond to the people is matching the public’s decency? Does a government that is weak on terrorism and weak on repaying their debts embody the strength of the American people who want to be hard on terrorism and are working to resolve their own financial crisis in many way encouraged by the government? If you do please explain it to me because I can’t get my arms around those statements.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Here’s for hope and change…. In November and in 2012.