The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.
- Milton Friedman

Liberal thinking just doesn’t make sense…

Liberals will actually take the time to block Fox News from their cable or satellite channels.  Why?  Is an opposing view so offensive that it must be shunned even at the cost of more choice?  Why wouldn’t a liberal want to know what the other point of view is?  How can you learn and grow if you refuse to allow your points of view to be challenged?

Liberals will tell you Wallstreet is ruining America.  Then quote Wallstreet elite when they are trying to convince you the stimulous is working.  A liberal regime will hire Wallstreet elite to control the treasury.  Wallstreet and government are so intertwined it is difficult to untangle the mess they have made.  If “Change you can believe in…” meant more Wallstreet control of government – Obama kept that promise.  If Wallstreet is ruining America, why would a liberal government integrate them further into positions of vast power?

Do liberals really want an improved standard of living for all Americans?  The answer here can only be: “No”.  Any rational look at the wealth of nations and standards of living will clearly demonstrate less government builds wealth for all.  Liberals should be clear – they want equality over actual quality.  Yes, we can all live a somewhat economically equal existance, but it will be a low standard.  The upper middle class in the Soviet Union was allowed a 2 bedroom apartment and public transportation.  The lower middle class in America has 3 bedrooms and 2 cars!  Yes, the super rich would live a lifestyle far in excess of the lowest rungs.  However, even the lowest rungs will have food, shelter, and most importantly:  the opportunity to succeed.

Liberals seem to spit in the face of logic when it comes to results.  Obama set expectations for what the stimulous would do and not do.  Unemployment was not supposed to go over 8% if we approved the stimulous.  Unemployment has exceeded 8% even using the ridiculously understated US Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.  Most economists examing the data are arriving at figures 50% higher.  So what is the logical solution?  It’s obvious to rational people that the stimulous did not deliver as promised, try the opposite – give the money back to the people.  For liberals, the answer is “more of the same”.

Liberals claim to value science.  This might be news to liberals, but science and science fiction are two different things.  Science is a rigorous system of observation, testing, data analysis, and finally a conclusion.  How would that system apply to government?  Easy – reduce federal power.  Allow the states to test theories of government within their borders.  Winners and losers will quickly stand out.  Testing aggressive government programs by forcing the entire nation to adopt them is insanity, not science.  Dispite the massive consolidation of power, we do have some examples among the states that stand out.  Oregon has the highest unemployment in the nation – so should we copy what they are doing?  Liberals say “Yes!”  Oregon has the highest minimum wage, the federal government is going to force that wage on all of the states.  If liberals have decided to use science to destroy America, they are on the right track.  Recklessly experimenting on the entire population is a recipe for disaster.  Choosing the worst examples and emulating their programs nationwide seems to indicate a desire to create negative results.

Note to conservatives:  Don’t consider this post an endorsement of your bungling form of thinking.  After all, it was you idiots that screwed things up so bad that America thought voting in liberals was a rational idea.