Obama and the Democrats want Bob Barr in the race.Those of you who are sick of big government Democrats and bigger government Republicans are really screwed this upcoming election.

You can reluctantly vote McCain, who is likely to continue spending $150 Billion a year to fight a war halfway around the world. He’s also likely to allow government to continue over spending and intruding into more and more of our lives.

Or you can go with the leftist Obama, who is likely to reduce spending on war and use that money to completely ruin the tattered free market economy here at home. Are you looking forward to $25/hr unionized workers at Wal-Mart doing a worse job than they do now?

Either way, devalued American dollars and the loss of our lead in the world is likely. It’s a sad fact, but those are the choices and nothing short of a miracle will change it. America is on a downhill trajectory for the next 4 ½ years (at a minimum) no matter what you do.

Sure, maybe you’ve heard of Bob Barr (most haven’t). And maybe you know he’s against the War in Iraq and against Nationalized Health Care. If any candidate would actually reduce the cost and intrusiveness of government, it’s Bob Barr. But you know, I know, and everyone knows: If you vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr you might as well have voted for the communist democrat candidate Barrack Obama .

I say: Who cares? We’ve already established that McCain is likely to do nearly as much damage at home and 200% more damage in foreign policy¹. Besides overspending as much (or more) than Obama, McCain could also do even more lasting damage.

The next president of the United States could place more Supreme Court Justices than any other president in recent history. Why worry about McCain’s picks? Good question: Because conservative judges have a track record for ignoring the Constitution and legislating based on party lines, an evangelical interpretation of the Bible, or popular opinion.

The law of the land should not be subject to whim. You may believe that suspected terrorists shouldn’t get the same treatment as we give to suspected child molesters, suspected murderers, or the most evil of all: pot smokers. But the fact is, until proven guilty; a suspected terrorist is not a terrorist. Conservative judges recently pushed for less rights for suspected terrorists. The decision went against them, 5 to 4.

If law enforcement finds convicting suspected terrorists is easier, compared to other criminals, they will take the path of least resistance and start to push all criminals towards the “terrorist” group. Already, the IRS uses the Patriot Act provisions on funding terrorism to go after offshore businesses that have absolutely no link to terrorism. Government is lazy, they will gladly trample your rights to go home early.

So what benefit could we get by voting for Bob Barr? Forget electing him, that’s is so unlikely it’s not worth considering. The real benefit is scaring the Republicans and Democrats back to the foundations of what made America great. Politicians pander (yeah, not news). If politicians see that 4% to 8% of the American people feel strongly enough about freedom, fiscal responsibility, and reduced influence of government in our lives they will take action. Ignoring that 4% to 8% would cost many candidates the election. Democrats would likely adopt some of the libertarian platform. They might take on social issues, increase personal liberties, perhaps an end to the drug war. Republicans would adopt fiscal issues, maybe, for the first time, they would see reducing the size of government as crucial to reelection.

If both parties adopt a little of the Libertarian platform, maybe, just maybe America could reverse our decline. Perhaps we could again experience the amazing growth and innovation that personal responsibility, economic freedom, and less intrusive government brings. A small government would bring back the strong American dollar, the economy that was the envy of the world, and the respect of all other nations.

¹ SheeplePeople believes good foreign policy means minding our own business, keeping our money and valuable lives here at home.

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