Ron Paul Media BlackoutFred Thompson (who bores me) gets a lot of coverage.  So I asked a web savvy friend this:

“Can you see how many searches there are for each of the republican candidates in the search engines?  I want to see where Ron Paul falls into that rank.  I’m really shocked that there’s been no mention of him in any media since he came in fourth last night at 8%, and Fred Thompson gets mentioned for getting 1%.”

The results shocked me.  My web guru replied:

“OMG, I know!  It drives me crazy to keep hearing about boring old Thompson who has so little support when Ron Paul is fascinating – even to people that hate capitalism and free societies.”

Here are the results:

#1 Ron Paul 17,400/day

#2 Mike Huckabee 7,900/day

#3 Hillary Clinton 6,700/day

#4 Barack Obama 5,200/day

#5 Fred Thompson 3,500/day

#6 Mitt Romney 3,200/day

#7 Rudy Giuliani  1,900/day

#8 John McCain 1,720/day

#9 John Edwards 3,076/day

It surprised me to see Ron Paul has more searches than Hillary and Obama combined!

What the hell is going on?  How can the media be ignoring a candidate that so many want to know more about?  I feel like we are living in a Banana Republic with a controlled media.

He gets more donations that other candidates — they get bigger donations from Unions, Special Interests, and Corporations — but he has the ground swell support.  This is sickening!

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