House of Representatives Bailout VoteThe House of Representatives vote NAY on the Bailout Bill. Lawmakers can change their vote. The roll call can remain open for another 20 minutes so that some reps could be strong armed to change their vote. The margin of victory for the nay votes is at 23% and it would be extremely difficult to change the minds of enough representatives.

Did your House of Representatives delegate vote the right way? House of Representatives Bailout Vote

Republicans are blaiming the Pelosi Speech for the bailout failing.  For a sound argument against the bailout you can’t beat Ron Paul: Ron Paul speech before the bailout vote.

The DOW is in constant fluctuaion,

  • now down 513 points
  • down 504 points. It’s going up and down.
  • down 507 points.
  • down 450 points.

The vote is still open until the chair “President of the House” closes it. It will take 13 more members to move over to the Yea side for the Bailout bill to pass.

While writing this one vote has now changed, 227 Nay and 205 Yeah votes. Someone has gotten the strong arm beat down.

Holy Sheep! The vote has changed again! Now it’s 226 Nay and the DOW is down 392.

How many more votes will change I don’t know, but you can bet your Trillion of dollars shady stuff is going on at the voting floor.

UPDATE 3:03pm EST: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Speech declares “Martial Law”?

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