I just heard this morning on Fox News that the North Carolina school system is considering changing it’s high school curriculum to teach current events and to stop teaching the founding fathers. I have not seen this by another news source but will continue to look to verify. The report said that they would continue to teach George Washington in elementary school but that high school history would teach only the period from 1877 to the present. That seemed like an odd year for a cut off so I searched the history. Here are some significant changes starting in and around 1877:

The beginning of the Gilded Age starts in 1877

1877 is the year of the railroad workers strike. This led to the beginning of national unions for workers.

March 1877 was the Supreme Court case for Munn vs Illinois in which the, the High Court established the constitutional principle of public regulation of private businesses involved in serving the public interest.

1870’s Harvard Law School Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell (1826-1906) applied Darwin’s theory of evolution to law. Introduced the case-law method instead of the Constitution. Students studied the decisions of judges instead of the Constitution of the Founders. Students grew to become less and less aware of what the Founders said and more and more aware of what judges decided. This was strengthened by the following Dean (1916-1936), Roscoe Pound, who is credited with institutionalizing the law with “positivism”, a kind of Darwinian theory of growing towards a goal by positive or forward steps of change and that positive change is necessary for society to evolve to its end form.

Is this a coincidence that the beginning of public regulation over private business, the beginning of national unions, the movement away from studying the constitution and the early beginnings of ideas that would lead to the progressive era is the date they chose to start studying current events? Or is this more likely a dliberate act to continue the indoctrination of our children like we have seen in TIDES foundation videos, songs taught to school children and art propaganda? This seems to be another attempt by the Progressives to rewite history and/or erase the history they find inconvenient.