Our steady movement toward reliance on third-party payment no doubt explains the extraordinary rise in spending on medical care in the United States.

- Milton Friedman

Why anyone would turn to government to fix the economy, poverty, drug problems, and now healthcare is a mystery.  Ask yourself:  “What has government fixed in the past that has worked out well?” Offhand, my answer to that question is “Absolutely nothing.”

Take a look at the most heavily regulated industries.  Take a look at industries in which government subsidies and funding play a big role.  These industries:  education and healthcare stand out as receiving the most interference from government over the last 20-30 years.

Now, let’s look at segments of the economy that have outpaced inflation:


As we have allowed government intrusion into education and health care, the costs have skyrocketed.  So what is the simple answer to this problem?  Cut Cut Cut – reduce government regulation, reduce government intrusion, end government subsidies.  Dump the FDA, undo the mistakes we’ve made in allowing government to become more involved.

If we all start to see government is a problem, not a solution we are on the path to lower taxes and lower prices for goods and services.

We still need to work on the mess with the insurance industries.  It is a ridiculous situation where no one asks about costs, no one shops around, and everyone chooses overpriced name brands over generic products.  If everyone had some out of pocket expenses with medical care, costs would go down.  Doctors and hospitals would be forced to compete and become more efficient.

In a perfect world, we could also look at tort reform too – but do we really trust government to put together a piece of legislation that benefits the people instead of the law firm lobby (which contributed $233,912,817 in 2008)?

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