The unions might be good for the people who are in the unions but it doesn’t do a thing for the people who are unemployed. Because the union keeps down the number of jobs, it doesn’t do a thing for them. -Milton Friedman

One of the beautiful aspects of a free market system is choice.  In a free market economy you can choose which grocery store to buy from, which movies to see, and what car to buy.  Not only can you choose which companies to do business with, you can choose which to avoid.

Let’s not debate the merits of Unions.  I’m comfortable with agreeing to disagree that Unions are destroying the spirit of innovation that helped make America great.  This has never been a problem in the past because freedom-loving individualists have had the ability to choose a Union-made automobile or a non-Union alternative.  That choice is now gone.  We may not be forced to buy Union cars (yet), but we are forced to support the Unions with our tax dollars.  Now, even if you buy a small foreign car with great gas mileage, you can take comfort in the fact that you are also paying for a vehicle you purposely chose to avoid.

You may not agree with my positions, but do you really believe it is fair to force every American to support Unions?  This is the path we are now walking.  All Americans will be forced to support causes whether they agree or disagree.

Our tax dollars are now contributing to disastrous corporate strategies.  Are you happy about paying for CEO golden parachutes?  Nobody cares what you think, you are now supporting the cause of keeping failed CEO’s in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  Are you a proponent of Detroit’s strategy of an SUV in every driveway?  Your representatives no longer care about your opinion, your tax dollars will be paying for that failed business mistake for years to come.

Whether your cause of choice is corrupt politicians funneling money to Unions, wooden arrows, Wallstreet, ACORN, or CEO compensation packages – congratulations, you and every other American are now contributors to the cause.  Were you smart enough to realize Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and countless banks were terrible investments?  Tough, you now own a piece or are financing all of them.  Plus, you have the added benefit of typical government incompetence in managing your hard earned tax dollars, they have already lost track of $300 billion of your money.  $300 billion here, $300 billion there, pretty soon this is going to get expensive.

The loss of choice just one sad consequence of allowing government to grow in power, size, and intrusiveness.  There once was a time when you could pick and choose the products you buy, the causes you support, the companies you invest in, and the charities you wish to donate to.  You are now being robbed of that ability to choose.  Now, you will be forced to give until it hurts to any cause or company politicians have deemed beneficial to their own self-interest.
Welcome to the new America:  less choice, more government.
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